Body of Proof

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He is risen indeed!

Culture is doing its best to convince the world there is nothing special about Jesus. And many Christians never get beyond a Sunday school understanding of their own faith. Christianity's most important historical fact--the resurrection--is often the most misunderstood.

Straightforward and accessible, Dr. Johnston presents seven tangible, fresh reasons to believe Jesus really rose from the dead--and why it matters today as the foundation of our hope in the face of suffering and grief, and why Jesus' victory over death is central to a believer's faith.

In understanding this truth, you will begin to understand the power of Christ in you that changes everything.

About the Author

Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, Middlesex/Oxford, ( is an acclaimed apologist and New Testament scholar. As president of Christian Thinkers Society, Jeremiah is passionate about resourcing believers to give intellectually informed reasons for what they believe. He speaks regularly and contributes to national publications and shows, including Fox News, CNN, USA Today, Relevant, The Christian Post, and several other media outlets.

Jeremiah and his wife, Audrey, along with their five children, live in Texas.

Product Details
SKU: BKP21626
ISBN: 978-0764230837
Publisher: Bethany House
Language: English
Page Count: 175
Publication Date: 03/14/2023
Size: 8.43 × 5.3 in
Author: Jeremiah Johnston
Format: Paperback
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