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Easy Answers to Sales Tax Questions

Why are you charging me the wrong sales tax? My sales tax exemption is XXXX?

Our system is not indicating that we have an active sales tax exemption on file for your company. If you can provide us with an active exemption certificate we can provide the exemption.

Why do some people get charged for sales tax and some don't?

Some states allow certain customers an exemption from paying sales tax. The general rule is if the customer is a nonprofit organization (as defined by the Federal Government), a governmental agency, or other special type defined by the laws of the given state. Everyone else has to pay sales tax when applicable.

Why is one product taxed and another isn't?

State laws determine whether a product is taxable or not. Most products being sold on the FamilyLife store are taxable, though depending on what state is being shipped to there may be an exception to that.

Why do some states charge and some don't - especially regarding shipping?

The states have the authority to set laws regarding sales tax. Sometimes, a state is nice, like Montana or Delaware, and they choose not to impose sales tax. Others, choose to impose a sales tax. This applies to all aspects of what is taxed. There are a few states that choose to impose sales tax on shipping costs. It simply depends on the state.

How do I get my sales tax money back from the state/city/county/local/etc.?

It depends on the tax jurisdiction. Typically, if you go to your state’s department of revenue website, they’ll have answers on how to refund your money. Alternatively, you can call your state government and they should be able to direct you to the proper channel to receive a refund.

When I provide exemption information to you, will you refund my tax?

The best course of action would be to wait to place your order until after you have provided your exemption information. If that isn’t possible, you do have the option to pay the sales tax now and seek a refund directly from your state.

When will you be able to accept my exemption information and not tax me? Why can't you do that now?

We can accept a certificate via email to provide you a tax exempt sale. We will then import it into our sales tax management system. If the certificate is not able to be verified, we will reach out to you for more information.

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