Pat McLeod

Pat McLeod serves as a Harvard chaplain for Christian Impact and Athletes in Action. He is also the director of Cru Boston, a caring community that is passionate about connecting people to Jesus. A native of Montana, Pat studied natural science and played football at Montana State University. Since joining the staff of Cru in 1984, Pat has helped launch and lead campus ministries in California, Japan, Montana, and Russia. He combines a love for teaching, coaching, and building teams with a passion for mentoring and ministering to the moral, spiritual, and religious lives of students. Pat created and helped teach an award-winning philosophy course in science and religion at Montana State University. At Harvard, he served on a team of American and South African students and faculty who created the Mamelodi Initiative, an organization focused on improving the lives of residents in South African townships. Pat holds a master’s in theological studies, a master’s in science and religion, and a PhD in practical theology.

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