Funny How Life Works

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Product Description

Funny How Life Works

Funny How Life Works a behind-the-scenes peek at a comedians’ journey through life and into purpose. In it, Michael Jr. does what he is uniquely gifted to do, tell stories that will bring you laughter, make you think, and most certainly inspire you. Along the way, he reveals intriguing glimpses into a comedian’s process of crafting and delivering comedy and then helps you understand how that process translates into wisdom and insights that can be applied to your life.

When this gifted storyteller shares personal anecdotes like how his first paycheck was pocket change and a piece of fruit or how he was homeless and then chosen to be on The Tonight Show on NBC or how he once was able to turn a racist heckler into a raving fan while bringing the house down in laughter, they all become vehicles for revealing higher truths about life.

You’ve not likely read anything quite like Michael Jr.’s Funny How Life Works. You’ll find a smile, a surprise, and some life-changing insight on every page.

About the Author

Michael Jr.’s entry into comedy was almost preordained. Years ago, in a crowded Grand Rapids, Michigan movie theater, the projector malfunctioned. The film snapped, the house lights came on, and on a dare, young Michael jumped in front of the restless crowd and took center stage. When the theater manager tried to usher him out, the audience demanded he stay . . . and Michael Jr. discovered his gift.

About the Product

Hardcover 256 pages
Publisher Breakfast for Seven (April 13, 2021)
Language English
ISBN 978-1951701970
Product Dimensions 5.7 x 0.84 x 8.8 inches
Product Weight 1.06 pounds