Toxic Sons and Daughters - In- Law

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Product Description

Toxic Sons- and Daughters-in-Law: Untangling Difficult Relationships

Generally speaking, if there's trouble with in-laws in a family, blame is quickly assigned to the father- or mother-in-law. But they are not always to blame. Many fathers- and mothers-in-law are wonderful folks, beloved parents, good communicators, and fun-loving people. When their son or daughter ends up married to a person with immature attitudes, an abusive personality, or excessive emotional baggage, these parents are now stuck with a son- or daughter-in-law who makes their lives a living hell. What was once a loving family now finds itself turned upside down by a toxic, self-centered individual.

Toxic Sons- and Daughters-in-Law helps expose the harmful attitudes and actions of a difficult son- or daughter-in-law and calls for biblical repentance and change. Untangling the destructive and dysfunctional nature of their abusive behavior will help parents manage the painful process of rejection, manipulation and anger. Practical counsel throughout the book will guide parents through the minefield of emotions to a God-glorifying conclusion and a lifestyle marked by application of biblical principles.

About the Author

As a successful rancher, businessman and family counselor, Doyle Roth has worked with hundreds of families for over 40 years. His no-nonsense style has been instrumental in assisting families to understand and apply the teachings of God's Word to everyday life situations, including but not limited to dealing with difficult in-laws. In addition to his counseling work, Doyle has now enjoyed over fifty years of happily ever after marriage with his wife, Nancy. They have four grown children, twelve grandchildren, five great-grandchildren (and counting) and make their home on the family ranch in Colorado. Doyle is the author of Oops! I Forgot My Wife, the Oops! I Forgot My Wife Discussion Guide (with Paul Santhouse) and Oops! We Forgot the Kids.

About the Product

Paperback 264 pages
Publisher Lewis & Roth Publishers (January 27, 2020)
Language English
ISBN 978-0936083483
Product Dimensions 5.4 x 0.7 x 8.4 inches
Product Weight 12.8 ounces