Before the Last Resort - eBook (EPUB)

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Product Description

Your marriage can be healed by answering three simple questions.

Hundreds of marriages have been rescued when couples got the answers right. If you're about to give up on your marriage or know someone about to give up on his or hers, this book is for you. Learn how God can heal deep, hardcore problems whether you're ensnared in deceit, adultery, or abuse. God desires a miracle for your marriage. Before you give up, won't you answer three simple questions? Includes a Help Me Help My Friend Guide!

About the Author

George Kenworthy has been a senior pastor for 32 years and has taught at Trinity International University, Denver Seminary, and Bethel Seminary. His passion is rescuing marriages, so in June of 2006, George became the founder and president of Reconciliation Associates, Inc., a ministry designed to help the worldwide church in saving troubled marriages. He is married to Joan and has three children who are Christian workers in Mongolia, Turkey and Germany.

About the Product

Format: iBook
Print Length: 201 pages
Publisher: FamilyLife Publishing® (July 2008)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781602004610

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