the art of marriage

If you’re looking to help your small-group members connect with meaningful conversation, we’re excited to introduce the New FamilyLife® Couples Studies! Each title delivers biblically-centered truth and practical application for marriages, and will help your small group members make three lifelong connections:

* An unbreakable bond to each other as husband and wife,

* Deep and supportive friendships with other couples in the group, and

* A growing knowledge of God who loves and cares for them deeply

Studies Available

The Gospel and Your Marriage

What do the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ have to do with marriage?  How does believing in the Gospel make your marriage stronger?

The Power of Humility in Your Marriage

Pride divides; humility connects. Pride demands; humility serves. Pride boasts; humility encourages. Imagine a home where humility imagine your home being that home!

Your Marriage Has a Mission

Be inspired to see your marriage as a God-given opportunity to affect the world around you by the way you love and relate to each other as husband and wife!