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What is true success? The two books You Be You and Radical Business will provide a biblical definition, and when purchased together, a savings.

Product Description

You Be You: Why Satisfaction and Success Are Closer Than You Think

Have you ever felt held back from the abundant life God promises you? Do you ever look at the satisfaction and success in other people’s lives, and wonder where yours is? In You Be You, Jamie Ivey reveals that the abundant life you want is closer than you think. It’s not over there in someone else’s life. No. It’s right here, right now, in your life as it already is—you just have to know how to take hold of it. Jamie shows you how to:

  • Throw out false definitions of success
  • Give up the idea that you must have someone else’s skills, talents, family, or resources to succeed
  • Use the beautiful level of influence that God has given you
  • Start leaving your deepest mark on the world by living your story

Are you ready to finally bloom where you’re planted? To finally free yourself to flourish? To live a life that could only be done by Him and through you? Then jump into You Be You, and you’ll find yourself satisfied and succeeding in ways you never expected.

Radical Business From Ownership to Stewardship

Radical Business shares how God used a failing business to change Gary Ringger's definition of success - ultimately leading him on a path from that of a business owner to a business steward. It also shares how this journey led to the founding of Lifesong for Orphans, a ministry that serves over 16,000 children worldwide. This book challenges the reader to develop a radical business plan and gives practical advice on how to do so.