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Purchase A Mother of Thousands along with Walking through Infertiltily together and find God's hope through others who have been there.

Product Description

A Mother Of Thousands: From Barren to Revolutionary

Since ancient times, to be barren was to be cursed. For couples struggling with infertility today, it can feel like nothing has changed. But there is hope for the barren womb. The impossible is possible now...all thanks to an empty tomb!

Heather shares her personal journey with infertility grief—even giving her husband control of some of the pages—and introduces you to a barren plant that changed everything. Where we see an inability to bring life—whether it's through a broken soul or a broken womb—God sees potential for generations seated at our farmhouse tables in our forever family.

Offering hope within a community of real womens' stories with infertility, A Mother of Thousands is the empathetic friend you want and the hopeful path out of broken dreams you need.

Walking Through Infertility: Biblical, Theological, and Moral Counsel for Those Who Are Struggling

"This book was written to help you see and understand that God is the Giver of life. You are his child. He cares deeply about you. When you hurt, he hurts with you." —from the Introduction

Infertility is the profoundly wounding experience of many couples, often leading to feelings of despair and shame as they grapple with shattered dreams and unanswered questions. But God does not leave them alone in their pain. The Creator and Redeemer of life has not forsaken the infertile, but has called and equipped them to participate in his church, kingdom, and mission.

Overflowing with warmth and sensitivity, this book explores what the Bible says about infertility, helping the church walk alongside couples struggling with infertility and assessing the ethical issues surrounding common fertility treatments and reproductive technologies.