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Enjoy encouraging your children through prayer and sharing God's story with them. Purchase Praying with Your Kids Before School and The Promises of God Storybook Bible together at a savings and receive free FamilyLife's Lifting My Children through Prayer card.

Product Description

Praying with Your Kids Before School

We disciple our children by reading the Bible, discussing how to apply it to our lives and then praying together for God to continue to make us more like Him. Praying with Your Kids Before School will guide you to do just that each day of the school year. You don’t have to start in August, you just have to start. Remember, prayer changes us. Prayer brings us closer to God and each other by growing in our understanding of scripture and asking Him to help us to apply it to our lives. The sooner we bring this discipline into our homes, the sooner God can guide us how to disciple our children in the way they should go.

Each week has a theme to explore in the Bible that can be prayerfully applied to you and your child’s lives. Every verse is also paraphrased into an easier understanding for younger children, with a shorter prayer for them to recite, so that the book can be used on both older and younger children. At the end of each chapter there will be a blank page where you can write out a personal prayer related to the topic for your child. This book becomes not only a guide on how to disciple your child, but a precious keepsake of how you’ve prayed for them and how God answered your prayers for your child throughout the year.

This one discipline, that may take 5 minutes a day, can renew our minds, change our attitudes and impact our behaviors and decisions. If we are faithful to spend these few minutes with God in prayer, we can be transformed together to become stronger and to become more of who God wants us to be. One verse, one prayer just might change the trajectory of their lives!

The Promises of God Storybook Bible

God’s love is unstoppable. And that’s a promise.

Noah’s ark. Joseph’s dreams. Jesus’s miracles. The Bible is rich with stories for our children to hear and enjoy, but when those stories uncover the thread of God’s promises, our children learn much more than individual Bible stories. They discover how God has demonstrated His love for us, from the first promise in the garden to the promise of the new heavens and earth.

A conversational, whimsical, biblically faithful retelling of more than fifty key Bible stories, The Promises of God Storybook Bible lets your child hear favorite stories with new ears, repeatedly assuring them that each word is proof of God’s unstoppable love and unbreakable promises to His people. Intro age for the book is ~3 years and then older.

Lifting My Children through Prayer card

What can happen when we pray?

Prayer is powerful—because God, and our relationship with Him, is powerful. This easy-to-use prayer card equips you to bring your children to the God who sees, through prayers full of God’s own words from Scripture: prayers of character, purpose, and hope.

What kind of difference could your prayers make?