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Product Description

Lovestruck: Discovering God's Design for Romance, Marriage, and Sexual Intimacy from the Song of Solomon

Sharon Jaynes, bestselling author, Bible teacher, and cofounder of Girlfriends in God, teaches women how to enjoy God's sacred gift of sexual intimacy without guilt or regret by exploring the beautiful picture given in the Song of Solomon.

Everywhere we turn in our sex-saturated culture we are bombarded by destructive and unrealistic depictions of romance and intimacy. The problem, according to Bible teacher Sharon Jaynes, is not that culture focuses on sex too much but that it values sex too little. Sexual intimacy, as God intended it, is so much more than a physical act. Yet, with the extent of the church's message being "don't do it" before marriage and "don't talk about it" after, how are Christians to understand and practice the wondrous gift of intimacy between a husband and a wife when they so rarely hear biblical teaching about it?

In Lovestruck, Jaynes takes readers back to the Bible's beautiful picture of romantic love, a picture that is explicit but not illicit, sensual but not sordid, daring but not dirty. With the words of Solomon and the Shulamite woman in the Song of Solomon as a backdrop, Jaynes explores topics such as the giving and receiving of pleasure, restoring romance in the mundane, making intimacy a priority, avoiding the dangers of growing indifference, creating time to pull away from life's busyness, and committing to a forever kind of love. When we see the sacred blessings of sexual intimacy in marriage and understand God's original intent, we find the freedom to enjoy and explore one of the Father's most magnificent gifts.

Coffee Dates for Couples

Love plus coffee equal the perfect recipe for romance.

Warm up your love life with satisfying and memorable coffeehouse moments. Join your spouse in smooth, full-bodied conversations that blend stimulating depth and a soulful connection.

Coffee Dates for Couples provides refreshing conversation starters and flavorful date ideas. Enjoy the rich aroma of a robust, spicy conversation with your spouse in the haven of java!

This 103-page gem offers all a couple needs to plan no-fuss dates and inspiring conversation over a cup of coffee. Suggestions for a variety of coffee dates, coffee facts, questions, and quizzes are all included to stimulate conversation in a variety of settings. Couples can take turns initiating the ideas presented.

Categories include:

  • Coffee on the go
  • Coffee at home
  • Coffee off the beaten path
  • Coffeehouse conversations
  • Coffee around the world
  • Coffee questions and quizzes
  • Coffee warm-ups