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Product Description

Estranged: Finding Hope When Your Family Falls Apart

In Estranged: Finding Hope When Your Family Falls Apart, Julie Plagens shares about her life as a child of well-known parents in full-time ministry and the hardships it puts on families to maintain an image of perfection. After many years of anger and unforgiveness, Julie and her husband walked away from the family to find healing after a life-altering health diagnosis. This is the amazing story of how God knitted a Christian family back together through a series of miracles that can only be explained by divine intervention after seven years of estrangement. This book is written for families who are struggling to get along in a healthy manner all the way to those who are experiencing a full-blown family estrangement. Julie gives her story from the perspective of an estranged adult child but also gives tips for parents and adult children who are struggling to find a connection between the two generations. Julie’s mother, Joanne Ventura, wrote the afterword to help parents who are struggling with the rejection of their adult children. Estranged is unique in that it not only gives personal stories from both sides of the estrangement (which is rare), but it also gives tips to help families move towards hope and healing, even if there is never reconciliation. This is a must read for anyone dealing with shame, anger, rejection, and unforgiveness. You can find hope when your family falls apart.

Choosing Forgiveness: Your Journey to Freedom

The prayer that Jesus gave his disciples as a model, commonly called "The Lord's Prayer," asks that God forgive us as we forgive others. That's a really scary thought! God forgiving us as we do? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth explains how forgiving like God is a choice that frees us from the burdens of bitterness, anger, and isolation. If you struggle with long-held hurts, God's truth and Nancy's wisdom hold help and healing for you.