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Purchase In Their Shoes and Life in a Blender together at a special savings and receive free FamilyLife's Lifting My Blended Family through Prayer card

Product Description

In Their Shoes: Helping Parents Better Understand and Connect with Children of Divorce

See the World from a Stepchild's Perspective

Tension is common between parent and child in a blended family. But take heart. Walking in your child's shoes for a while, seeing things from their point of view, can make all the difference.

While every stepparent/stepchild relationship is unique, there are certain experiences and reactions that are common among children as they adapt to their changing families. The relational struggles are probably not because of your personality or something you've done wrong, however, but simply because of the position you hold. Lauren Reitsema's stories, research, and first-hand experiences will help you better understand your child's mindset as he or she navigates this new family dynamic. Reitsema carefully explains these themes and offers practical ideas that will help you cultivate authentic connections.

Discover what's going on in the heart and mind of your child and learn to walk beside them. Your efforts will pay off in a stronger, closer blended family relationship.

Life in a Blender - Paperback

Feeling caught in the blender's swirl? Living in a stepfamily can be confusing. Where will go be this weekend? Whose rules do you have to follow? And why do you have to treat these new kids kike they're your brothers and sisters when they're really not?

Ron L. Deal, founder of Smart Stepfamilies, will help you navigate life as a kid in a blended family. Learn how to handle the “Big Five” challenges—loss, sadness, fear, guilt, and confusion—and dilemmas kids in blended families often experience.

Stop the confusion and hurt of life in a blender. Instead, use this tool to form peaceful relationships that honor God. You may even find that this new family of yours can be filled with blessing.

Lifting My Blended Family Through Prayer

This easy-to-use prayer card equips you to bring your blended family to the God who sees, through prayers full of God’s own words from Scripture: prayers of character, purpose, and hope.