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Purchase Plumb's Need You Now book and the Need You Now music CD

Product Description

Need You Now: A Story of Hope

Need You Now: A Story of Hope is the deeply personal, incredibly honest, and hugely encouraging new book by recording artist, songwriter, and performer PLUMB aka Tiffany Lee. Equal parts revealing memoir and inspirational literature, each chapter reveals a day in the life of a rock star, inviting you into Plumb's personal journey of embracing her life's passion of music and her very real, all-encompassing love for her family and community. Both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply moving, Need You Now is the story of beautiful and embarrassing moments on stage, the joys and trials of motherhood and unbridled forgiveness. It is the story of soul mates, best friends and a marriage redeemed. And more than anything, Need You Now is the story of love, fresh starts and the relentless message that no matter who you are or what you have done...there is always HOPE

Need You Now - CD Deluxe Edition

  1. Invisible
  2. Drifting (featuring Dan Haseltine)
  3. Beautiful
  4. One Drop
  5. I Want You Here
  6. Say Your Name
  7. Unlovable
  8. Need You Now
  9. Chocolate & Ice Cream
  10. I Don't Deserve You
  11. Cage
  12. At Arm's Length
  13. Starting Over
  14. Fall Back In
  15. Faithful
  16. Lord I'm Ready Now
  17. Don't Deserve You (Radio Mix)
  18. Need You Now (Worship Version)