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Purchase The God Guarantee and 8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple for a special price

Product Description

The God Guarantee: Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough

Do you have enough . . . resources, time, love, relationships, margin?

Most of us would live, love, and give differently if we knew God would provide for all our needs. In The God Guarantee, you will

  • discover God's four-step pattern of provision
  • understand how a secularized worldview exacerbates the wealth-poverty gap
  • see how to avoid both a scarcity mind-set rooted in fear and a faulty prosperity gospel
  • learn how to improve your intimacy with the God who provides

You can find freedom from the fear of not having enough!

8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple

Every marriage has conflict. And many of those conflicts are related to finances.

Russ Crosson, president and CEO of Ronald Blue & Co., shows readers how to avoid the potentially disastrous landmine of financial turmoil.

Through these pages, Russ assists readers to think correctly about marriage and about money, rather than default to the way the world sees these areas of life. He covers specific areas of money management where financial conflicts usually occur:

  • Men who work too much
  • Why wives work
  • The problem of debt
  • Making sound investments
  • Giving wisely
  • Understanding insurance

To avoid pitfalls, Russ offers a game plan couples can use to achieve harmony in their marriage, no matter what their financial situation.