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Product Description

Through the Eyes of Hope: Love More, Worry Less, and See God in the Midst of Your Adversity

Understand how God turns tragic circumstances into something beautiful for His glory, while you love more, complain less, and see God at work in the most unlikely of places.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1, MEV

What happens when things don’t go as planned? What happens when the storm you face is completely out of your control? The Buchanans’ precious son Christian was born with a medical condition that is so incredibly unique, it’s one of only fifty known cases in the world. This story has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands.

In Through the Eyes of Hope Lacey Buchanan tells this compelling story of trusting God in the face of adversity. You will be moved and inspired to hold on to God’s promises when things go wrong and find joy in midst of any storm.

Unexpected Journey

Husband and wife authors Joe and Cindi Ferrini's course in life changed from the birth of their first child. Yet, it did not stop there. Unexpected Journey shares the life of a family where daily challenges became a way of life—caring for a child with special needs and parents in their declining years.

Sharing with others about having a child with special needs to care for is like visiting the Grand Canyon. "We've been there, and we can tell others what we saw, the vastness of the expanse, the beauty of the colors in the rock formations, fabulous sunrises or sunsets, and the grandeur. But unless others experience it as we have, they will likely never quite get the view. A photo gives an idea of what the Grand Canyon looks like, but unless they’ve walked in our shoes, stood on the edge of the wide-open space, and taken in how 'big' it is, they can’t experience it."

Joe and Cindi give the reader a glimpse into the lives of those who give full-time care to others who need special care and attention and give hope to the full-time caregiver for the long journey.