Passport 2 Purity Project Kit

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Prepare your preteen for the years ahead

Product Description

In the event of of an emergency, a life vest is located in the pouch under your seat, and an oxygen mask will drop from your overhead compartment. Please assume the bracing position and wait for the captain and crew's direction. Welcome aboard; this will be a turbulent flight to Destination Le Pure!

With any important journey, having the right gear to accomplish tasks along the way is vital. That's why FamilyLife has created this corresponding project kit for Dennis and Barbara Rainey's Passport2Purity.® This kit includes everything you need to guide your child through Passport2Purity hands-on application projects (with the exception of the matches):

  • 1 Pack of latex balloons
  • 1 Bottle of glue
  • 2 Jigsaw puzzles
  • 3 Containers of play dough
  • 6 pieces of construction paper
  • 1 Clear cup for water
  • 1 Safety pin
  • 6 paper sacks

Grab this kit, along with your Passport2Purity Getaway Kit, and set of on a truth-filled weekend together.