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Purchase Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World and Improving Your Parenting-PDF receive free the FamilyLife Today® Audio CD featuring Kristen Welch

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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

"But everyone else has it." "If you loved me, you’d get it for me!" When you hear these comments from your kids, it can be tough not to cave. You love your children―don’t you want them to be happy and to fit in?

Kristen Welch knows firsthand it’s not that easy. In fact, she’s found out that when you say yes too often, it's not only hard on your peace of mind and your wallet―it actually puts your kids at long-term risk. In Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World, Kristen shares the ups and downs in her own family’s journey of discovering why it’s healthiest not to give their kids everything. Teaching them the difference between “want" and "need" is the first step in the right direction. With many practical tips and anecdotes, she shares how to say the ultimate yes as a family by bringing up faith-filled kids who will love God, serve others, and grow into hardworking, fulfilled, and successful adults.

It’s never too late to raise grateful kids. Get ready to cultivate a spirit of genuine appreciation and create a Jesus-centered home in which your kids don’t just say―but mean!―“thank you” for everything they have.

Improving Your Parenting Study Guide-PDF

Raising children is an honorable duty, a high calling.

As a mom or dad, you know that there is more to parenting than setting boundaries and curfews, giving allowances, correcting behavior, and attending games and recitals. You're building your children's character--and that takes time, and a good plan. Join with a group of friends for this 6-week study where you'll discuss:

  • What your children need in a parent
  • The basics of discipline
  • Dealing with busyness
  • Bringing God into your family

Prepare yourself for the most important job you'll ever have through Improving Your Parenting.

A job with great benefits!

Raising Generous Kids — audio CD

Kristen Welch, a mother of three, tells of the challenge to raise kids who are grateful and content, and points to guilt as the real reason parents cater to their kids. Welch gives seven reasons parents overindulge their children, which results in kids who feel entitled.

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