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Connected for Good Bundle

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Purchase Connected for Good and 8 Important Money Decisions for Every Married Couple and receive free the FamilyLife Today® Audio CD featuring John Stanley

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Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life

People of means and substance are growing weary of fundraising run by charity leaders who have adopted the tactics of professional salespeople. They're looking for ways to make change that's important to them, rather than just responding to an endless stream of appeals and campaigns.

In Connected for Good, John Stanley explores the Generosity Gaps—places where men and women hold back their giving because it's not the right time, I don't have enough, or I might be making a difference, but I'm not seeing lasting change. He then presents a fresh playbook for generosity based on the heart's desire for connection.

8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple

Russ Crosson, president and CEO of Ronald Blue & Co., shows readers how to avoid the potentially disastrous landmine of financial turmoil.

Through these pages, Russ assists readers to think correctly about marriage and about money, rather than default to the way the world sees these areas of life. He covers specific areas of money management where financial conflicts usually occur:

  • Men who work too much
  • Why wives work
  • The problem of debt
  • Making sound investments
  • Giving wisely
  • Understanding insurance

To avoid pitfalls, Russ offers a game plan couples can use to achieve harmony in their marriage, no matter what their financial situation.

Connected for Good — audio CD

Businessman John Stanley, creator of the Generosity Gameplan®, recalls his upbringing and the thrifty stepfather who taught him how to live a generous life. Stanley believes many of us aren't more generous because we measure generosity by how much money we give away, rather than seeing ourselves as a funnel God can use to bless others.


Family Prayers of Thankfulness 
Family Prayers of Thankfulness


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