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Co-Parenting Works! Bundle

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Purchase 2 Copies of Co-Parenting Works! (one for you and one for your ex-spouse) and receive free the FamilyLife Today® Audio CD featuring Jim and Tammy Daughtry and Ron Deal and the Life in a Blender book.

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Co-Parenting Works! Helping Your Children Thrive After Divorce

What if your child’s “life-after-divorce” could be better than you’ve hoped for? As the post-divorce dust settles, your child’s chances of leading a healthy, successful life are directly linked to how you and your former spouse relate. So instead of listening to statistics, read this book to discover real world co-parenting strategies from author, counselor, and co-parent Tammy Daughtry. Discover how you can make positive co-parenting work for you and your child by:

  • Understanding how today’s actions will affect your child in five, ten, and twenty years
  • Teaming with your child’s co-parent to develop strategies in the best interest of your children
  • Helping your child feel at ease in both homes
  • Increasing your child’s self-esteem while minimizing anxiety
  • Integrating stepparents into your co-parenting team Co-parenting isn’t easy.

But with these strategies for success, you’ll be prepared to create an enjoyable childhood and a healthy upbringing that will impact your child for a lifetime. Take heart—the future can be better and brighter than you’ve dared to hope.

Life in a Blender

Feeling caught in the blender's swirl? Living in a stepfamily can be confusing. Where will you be this weekend? Whose rules do you have to follow? And why do you have to treat these new kids like they're your brothers and sisters when they're really not?

Ron L. Deal will help you navigate life as a kid in a blended family. Learn how to handle the “Big Five” challenges—loss, sadness, fear, guilt, and confusion—and dilemmas kids in blended families often experience.

Stop the confusion and hurt of life in a blender. Instead, use this tool to form peaceful relationships that honor God. You may even find that this new family of yours can be filled with blessing.

Co-Parenting Works! – Audio CD

Parenting children in a healthy way after a divorce has its challenges. Tammy and Jay Daughtry, along with director of FamilyLife Blended™, Ron Deal, talk about co-parenting children of divorce in a way that leaves them happier and healthier. Tammy, who was divorced with a daughter before marrying Jay, tells how she and her ex worked together to make decisions affecting their daughter. Tammy coaches other parents to do the same.

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