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    If you’d like to become a Legacy Partner, please click here.

    Through your monthly support as a Legacy Partner, you’ll have the joy of helping families across America and around the world. And, we'll also partner with you to help you grow in all your family relationships.

    When you sign up, we'll send you the 2013 Legacy Partner Welcome Kit to show our appreciation. Your Kit includes:

    Dates on a Dime Book

    You'll learn simple, money-saving tips that will help you plan a date that is full of fun and romance while staying under budget.

    Something About Us CD

    Christian recording artist Michael O'Brien, the former lead singer of NewSong, and his wife, Heidi, talk about the issues that once threatened to overtake their marriage, and share how they found healing and renewed happiness.

    10 Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife CD

    Once, while away on a private retreat, Tom Elliff asked his wife Jeannie 10 questions. Hear how Jeannie answered from her heart, and how these questions helped the couple grow deeper in their intimacy with each other.

    “10 Ways to Start A Conversation with Your Husband” carry-along card

    You’ll also receive this fun, laminated card of conversation starters to keep you talking with your husband, whether it’s taking a trip down memory lane or dreaming about the future.

    Two FamilyLife tumblers

    You’ll be reminded of FamilyLife’s mission to spread the word about God’s blueprints for marriages and families every time you use your Legacy Partner tumblers.

    Post-It® notepads with fun “flirting” tips

    We’re including two Post-It notepads for you and your spouse to enjoy. Whenever you leave each other a note, your spouse will also get a fun, flirtatious message printed at the bottom of each note.

    Exclusive conference calls with Dennis Rainey

    As a Legacy Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with Dennis Rainey, via conference call, to hear firsthand about what’s happening at FamilyLife—the latest initiatives, events, and plans—and share your thoughts and suggestions.

    We’re excited to see what God will do in your marriage and family—and millions of others—through your partnership with us. Thank you!

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